Saturday, October 3, 2009

Top 10

I have been so busy that I have had no time to blog. On top of that, I am having a writer block (i know I have never been a great writer). Anyways, after Ash yelled at me for ignoring my darling blog, I decided to blog. So we all came up with a pact. To name our Top Ten TV Couples and our Top Ten Tv Shows. We all, I mean me, Harini, Ash, Akki, Sher, Aditi, Stuti have all decided to do this post. So here i go-

Top 10 TV Couples -

1) Mulder & Scully (X files) - One of the best couples to hit the television screen and one of the best shows too. Its sad that the series ended when it did. The romance was just starting and I was enjoying that.

2) Blair and Chuck (Gossip Girl) - The new show that has been getting people crazy. I just adore them both as they share a love/ hate relationship.

3)Carrie and Mr.Big (Sex and the City) - Isn't it obvious that they will feature on this list? I am really happy they ended up together and sorted things out.

4)Chandler and Monica (Friends) - I know people talk a lot about Ross and Rach but i think these guys rocked too. They were made for each other.

5)Ross and Rachel (Friends) - Tell me how can they not feature in my blog?

6)Sawyer and Kate (Lost)- I love lost. Its one of the best shows I have come across. Sawyer and Kate's chemistry is HAWT!! (I am trying to be cool with the spelling ;))

7)Jim and Pam (Office) - After a long long wait and lots of mistiming they both are finally together :).

8)Jesse and Rebbecca (Full House)- The way their relationship blossoms and their understanding is something I admire. They are complete opposites in love.

9)Spike and Buffy (Buffy) - Again the love hate relationship they share is awesome.

10)Pacey and Joey (Dawson's Creek) - Just when I had started to watch the show and like it, they took it off (I mean on a site). Never saw this on Indian Television.

Top 10 TV Shows -

1) Friends - The show can make me smile.

2)X-files - The show had everything from drama to mystery to aliens. What else can you ask for?

3)Lost - As I said above, I love the show.

4)Prison Break - Another show that I absolutely love.

5)Gossip Girl - The hottest show at the moment. I fought with my cable guy to show Zee Cafe for this show :p.

6)Office - The show is really funny.

7)Small Wonder - The show is special to me as it was the 1st show I ever loved.

8)Sex and the City - Do I need to say why? I cant wait for the 2ND movie :).

9)How I met Your Mother - The show that's got me hooked at the moment.

10)Full House - Another show that is special as I loved the whole family. I even used to call my uncle to talk to him. And thanks to this show I and my uncle are like Jesse and Michele.

Now, I want all my friends to do this with out fail.

PS - They are in no order mind you.

PPS - To make it more interesting, I have attached a award :).

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

PS - I love You

I just finished reading PS- I love you (it was Rini's recommendation ofcourse). I went out in the evening, searched for the book stayed up all night and read it. And i found it just OK! Not as great as she said it was nor as i bad as i thought it was.

The book is about Holly's journey to normalcy after she lost her husband, high school sweet heart and her soul mate. Helping Holly through this period of her life is a bunch of letters written by Gerry with instructions to open them every month. In the letters he gives Holly a task every month which will help her cope his death, help her move on and become strong. Every letter ends with PS- I Love you and hence the title. Her family and her friends support through out the process and help her come out of the trauma.

I think the book had good points and bad. I am going to start off with the good –

1. The author has described everything in such minute detail that you picturize everything from the house to the beach to the reactions of the people.

2. The character of Caira is someone that I liked the most.

3. The concept is very romantic. Helping some one get over you with your help is very good yet it’s something someone never wants to do.

4. Even if you’re not that impressed with the book, you continue to read it as you have an urge to know how it ends. So the book does keep your interest in a way.

5. The family and the friend’s characters seem pretty real.

6. The best part of the book if you ask me is the ‘Girls in the City’ which will tickle your ribs a bit.

Now coming to the bad parts –

1. The dialogues of the book aren’t that impressive. Something that caught my attention was ‘as dry as Gandhi’s sandals’ wth, seriously.

2. The characters are too whiny and all the crying starts to get on to the nerves. At a point you stop feeling pity for Holly and want to yell “Move on already”.

3. The one thing that irked me the most was the way Holly’s character was shown. She had no personality of her own. Her existence completely depended on Gerry. This is the same thing that I hate about Bella too. You can love a guy more than your life and he can be reason you survive but you till need to have a life of our own… in reality if someone like that clings to a guy he will freak out and dump her. At the end of the both of you need some space.

4. All the while the name Holly and Gerry ring a bell and then you realize it’s very similar to Ollie and Jenny from Love Story.

I would rate this book just average and it wouldn’t hurt you if you don’t read it or if you read it (it’s the best seller but this is my opinion).

I now have Remember me by Sophie Kinsella and I hope this doesn’t disappoint me atleast.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Alrite! Ash tagged me in this ABC post in which i have to tell ABC about myself. But sorry ASH i m following none at the moment so i cant tag anyone :(. I am skipping the rules too, I hate them.

A – Available/Single? Single but unavailable ;)

B – Best friend? None. I have a bunch of close Friends like Joey (if you don't know what am i talking about, i pity you)

C – Cake or Pie? Cake.... The complete cake not just a piece.

D – Drink of choice? Nimbu Pani

E – Essential item you use every day? Clothes... Don't you?

F – Favorite colour? Black. You can get that from my blog.

G – Gummy Bears Or Worms? Worms? Who the hell will eat those??

H – Hometown? I am a Bangalorian Chick ;)

I – Indulgence? Shopping.

J – January or February? Jan... New year.

K – Kids & their names? Got millions of them. Cant remember all their names, Sorry! A very bad memory, you see.

L – Life is incomplete without? Many things.... but self confidence is the most essential thing :)

M – Marriage date? Will tell you the day i come to know.

N – Number of siblings? None... and I think I am lucky... my parents are all mine *Uhahaha*(devil's laugh)

O – Oranges or Apples? Peaches

P – Phobias/Fears? Spiders...

Q – Quote for today?

Above all, remember that the most important thing you can take anywhere is not a Gucci bag or French-cut jeans; it's an open mind

R – Reason to smile? At the moment my new Bike.

S – Season? Winter.

T – Tag 3 People? Ok... Stuti, Shreya and Vishal... i found 3 *uff*

U – Unknown fact about me? I believe in being stylish and not fashionable ( people think i am victim to fashion)

V – Vegetable you don't like? Many...

W – Worst habit? Driving fast when i am mad (i have marks all over my body, Thanks to this habit :P)

X – X-rays you've had? Is your Vocab so limited...

Y – Your favorite food? Pani Puri

Z – Zodiac sign? Aries ;)

My 1st post. Now that i am done, i expect comments :D